Youssef Tarek

Position:  Art Director

Youssef Mohamed Tarek, the newest member of the AID-MENA team was appointed in mid 2014 as the IT specialist and Media Director for all current and upcoming projects. Mr. Tarek was especially appointed with the role of heading the media phase of the Heya program.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science, Youssef Tarek has held many positions that have utilized his knowledge and skills in the field of computing, web development, E-Marketing, E-Commerce and Media Director. These attributes have allowed Youssef to work on such prestigious events as the Alexandria film festival while also winning the Gold Film Prize as Art Director for the Akhbar El-Yom Academy Film Competition in 2009.

Mr. Tarek has a firm belief that women in the MENA region need a change and thinks that the Heya program is an excellent opportunity for young, ambitious and enthusiastic women to bring about that change. However, he does not think that this change will come easily, and states that to achieve success, we must all fight. Mr. Tarek’s ability to withstand pressure, his insistence and his patience have all helped him achieve the success he has garnered over the years, and he hopes many more success stories are still to come.