Support Democratic Transition (SDT)

Place: Jordan 

The SDT Project addresses the pressing need to support democratization and good governance in Jordan. The project aims to empower six Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Jordan, in order to play the role of facilitator and interlocutor between the communities and the governmental sector; and thus they should be able to foster and enhance policy dialogue between government and NSAs, and also improving policy dialogue between CSOs and public sector in general. The overall objective of the SDT Project is to support NSAs to act as an effective drive for good governance and accountability. First and foremost, it stresses on enhancing policy dialogue between Government and NSAs including CSOs and Citizens. Accordingly, the SDT project aims to develop and foster dialogue between Government and NSAs, with specific reference to youth and women and political figures, through strengthening and building the capacity of local CSOs as well as increasing civic awareness of democratization and good governance.

The project attempts to enable and facilitate the NSAs’ significant contribution in public policy making through targeting CSOs, government officials and community to be trained on democratic behaviour, participatory planning, and public participation in public policy dialogue and public policy making. The project should strength technical and advocacy capacities of NSAs by coaching on advocacy and raise NSAs’ awareness of decentralization, accountability of government sector, and citizens’ rights. The project is giving more attention to women and youth of the Jordanian society in order to raise their awareness of basic civil rights.

The project targets six district officers from five districts of Greater Amman Municipality, making a total number of 30 district officers who will be trained and engaged to better improve public political participation, civil rights and gender equality; to influence leaders and elected officials to improve the making and implementation of public policy; and thus support the Jordanian government in its democratic transition. Furthermore, the project targets five government officials from the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, who will be trained on democracy and good governance practices, in order to develop and implement policies that would improve social and political affairs of Jordanian Citizens as well as brining demarcating reforms.

The project is one year duration, from 2015 to 2016, funded by the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs in Jordan. The project is implemented by AID-MENA and the Chechen Women Charitable Society, a local Community Based Organization founded in 1981 and registered with the Ministry of Social Development under the provisions of the JORDAN Societies Act No. 33 of 1966, and its subsequent amendments.