Training Unit

AID-MENA training unit develop and customize different training packages 

AID-MENA’s presence and work in the field of development are supported by skilled and professional staff and expert consultants, as well as a broad network of partners from the Middle East and North Africa Region. AID-MENA keeps up to date with the latest development strategies and strives to ensure the quality of the programmes we deliver and the methods we use are innovative. We also respect the needs and sensibilities of the territories we work on and with, which increases the level of individual responsibility, the sense of belonging to the team and the commitment to achieve shared objectives.AID-MENA experience comes from working with administrations facing difficult situations, dealing with social conflict or managing crippled institutions, the search for viable solutions and strategies to address highly complex issues.AID-MENA services were provided in most difficult areas of the Middle East such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, KSA and Yemen; by integrating projects that restore the identity of communities, respect for human rights, sustainable development opportunities, fostering democratization and good governance, as well as conflict resolution and peace building. AID-MENA projects are always addressing highly complex and delicate situations particularly those caused by the Arab Spring. 

Within the framework of AID-MENA, the social cohesion policy and the policy regarding development aid for foreign countries – particularly in the Middle East and North Africa– AID-MENA provides the necessary tools and skills to help regional and sub-regional areas experiencing serious difficulties such as social, economic and political degradation; crisis and post-conflict situations; and re-creating the conditions required for civic involvement in social and political sphere. AID-MENA has a list of trainings in order to support its mission and achieve its goals; trainings include:


·         Customized “Training of Trainers” programs

·         Proposal writings and Fundraising techniques

·         Advocacy campaigns and civic education

·         Democratic community behavior change

·         Public policy formulation

·         Participatory Rapid Appraisal

·         Participatory Action Research

·         Peace building and conflict resolution

·         Strategic management and strategic planning

·         Development project management cycle

·         How to start your business and business feasibility study

·         Leadership, communication and personal skills

·         Delivering BRIDGE training modules (Building Resources In Democracy, Governance and Elections)

Services and trainings can be provided using different working methods Specialised technical assistance and coordination of complex projects; Help with research and technological development for the environment and public administration; Continuous and specialised training programmes delivered on-site or via distance learning, or through a combination of both.